Surf-ACE Range

Providing performance based products to the uniquely demanding re-finishing market - both in automotive and industrial sectors.
Award winning Surf-ACE products are used by vehicle OEM suppliers on production lines and in crash repair centres throughout Europe. Surf-ACE products are also used in the highly exacting marine refinishing market where they prove themselves daily on mega-yachts.

  1. Pre-paint chemicals

  2. Rubbing Compounds

  3. Wax & Paint Protection

  4. Aerosols

  5. Valeting & Detailing

    1. Wheels

    2. All surfaces

    3. Bodywork

    4. Plastics, Carpets, Fabrics, Trim

    5. Glass

    6. Cockpit Trim

    7. Paintwork polishing

    8. Plastics

    9. Tyres

  6. Foam pads, backing plates and equipment

  7. Hand Cleanser