Private Label

Private Label Solutions

Concept’s team of Research and Process Chemists enables us to offer a range of solutions to the Private Label customer, from matching of current products to the design and production of bespoke solutions. Utilising the latest raw material and chemical technologies, Concept’s rigorous product development and pre-production testing process ensures our Private Label customers can stay ahead of the competition by marketing products which offer a unique blend of innovation, performance and quality.

Packaging Expertise

Concept works with many of Europe’s leading packaging manufacturers; this allows us either to liaise with an existing packaging supplier or to offer a bespoke packaging design which builds-in uniqueness to the product offering.

Manufacturing Excellence

From the production of complex emulsions to the bulk manufacture of detergents, Concept’s manufacturing facility is designed to offer maximum flexibility to meet the needs of the wide range of products demanded by Private Label customers. A ‘joined-up’ process from product conception to manufacture ensures that the product delivered matches exactly the specifications approved by the customer during development.

Pre and Post Sale Support

Concept offers a complete support package to ensure customer’s sales forecasts are delivered; MSDS and product application advice, training for key technical/sales personnel and market or customer focussed product/process optimisation advice.

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