Refinish / Bodyshop

Quartz and Ceramic Coatings

Aerosol Paints & Primers

Cleaners and Degreasers

  • Clear Off

    Plastic-safe label, adhesive and tar spot remover

Trim Detailing


Traffic Film Removers

  • Typhoon +

    Safer alternative for traffic film removal & degreasing

Polishing Cloths

Rubbing Compounds

  • Surf-ACE P-15 Cutting Compound

    Removes scratches quick and permanently
  • Surf-ACE P-30 One-Step Swirl Remover

    Use with various mops for quick and permanent removal of P1500 to P4000 scratches
  • Surf-ACE Spray & Finish

    Spray cleaner for removing compound residues
  • P-15XTRA

    With unique DRA™ (Dynamic Response Abrasion) technology incorporating micro-precision oxides, easily removes imperfections, scratches, swirls and oxidation from all finishe
  • Cut 'n' Wax

    Triple action, ONE-STEP renovating polish for use on all paint systems
  • P-12XTRA

    Heavy Cut Compound with unique DRA™ (Dynamic Response Abrasion) technology incorporating micro-precision oxides
  • P-40XTRA

    Ultra-Fine Finishing Glaze using the latest DRA™ (Dynamic Response Abrasion) technology

Wax & Paint Protection

Wheel Cleaners

Foam & Lambswool Pads, Backing Plates & Equipment

Polishes & Waxes


  • Zirconite Snow Foam+

    Dramatic effect, foaming pH neutral blanket, which clings to surfaces enhancing cleaning action