Corporate section

Driven to Innovate

Concept prides itself on being at the forefront of delivering innovative technologies and products in the automotive aftermarket. A continuous product development programme is constantly searching for new solutions to ensure our customers stay ahead of the competition.

Worldwide Exposure

Operating in over 30 countries worldwide, Concept is ideally placed to work with our distributor network to keep abreast of market changes and share best practice. We manufacture products which work successfully across a range of market, environment and climatic conditions.

Regulatory Compliance

With an ever increasing regulatory complexity, especially in the areas of environmental impact and health and safety, Concept constantly monitors upcoming changes to regulations. The objective is always to ensure compliance to new regulations well before their introduction so that changes can be phased in and time is given for customers to adapt their processes accordingly.

Proactive Development

As materials used by OEM manufacturers are evolving at an ever increasing pace, Concept is always researching how these material changes can affect the performance of our products. Where appropriate we refine current formulations to ensure performance and quality of finish can be maintained, or if required, we launch new products to enable our customers to continue to carry out their work processes efficiently and to the highest quality standards.

Applied Chemistry

At Concept we manufacture our own products (unlike many of our competitors we do not out-source production to third parties) and this enables us to work with a wide range of suppliers to select the latest technology raw materials for our formulations. With our comprehensive range of products, we are in a position to cross-fertilise the latest technologies to ensure we can maximise the benefits across the widest range of applications.

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