Zirconite Customer Care Multi-Pack

The customer care pack contains:
1x 500ml Zirconite Shampoo
1x 125ml Zirconite Conserver
1x Zirconite sponge applicator
1x CAP-4 polishing cloth.
1x Instruction leaflet

Designed for dealerships and outlets who wish to provide a paint-protection after-sales offering, the Zirconite Paint Protection System with 6 year guarantee is a dealer applied technical coating for paintwork and fabrics.
To maintain the warranty the customer is required to have the vehicle re-treated and inspected on a yearly basis.

After initial treatment by the dealer, the customer receives a ‘Customer-Care’ pack, this contains a 12 month supply† of both a pH neutral Zirconite Maintenance Shampoo, and Zirconite Paintwork Conserver.
Used on a monthly basis, the Shampoo is to maintain vehicle cleanliness - removal of normal road dirt and traffic film; the special Conserver solution provides an additional sacrificial coating which remains on top of the Zirconite Paint Sealant.

† enough product for 12 treatments.
*Used vehicles may have to have paint rectification procedures prior to application

The Zirconite System is a professional range of nano-engineered, invisible coatings, formulated to chemically bond at the nanoscopic level to a full range of surfaces: paintwork, gel-coats, glass, alloy wheels, chrome, aluminium, leather and fabrics including seats, carpets and soft-tops/cabriolet covers.

The resulting nano-hydrophobic (lotus leaf) effect ensures that water, dirt and other surface contaminants are repelled, meaning treated surfaces stay cleaner for longer. Regular cleaning is then needed less frequently, is easier, faster and more effective.

Zirconite paint protection coatings contain unique UV screens to lock-out harmful atmospheric degradation, with year round protection - even in the extremes of polar and desert climates.

• Long-term protection against environmental attack and degradation
• Paint protection for a sparkling high-gloss showroom finish with no more waxing
• Protection for fabrics and leather trim to maintain interiors ‘as-new’
• Paint and fabric protection backed by a 6 year guarantee,


Zirconite Shampoo and Conserver 2017